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PDS is an abbreviation of POS Data System.

PDS service is to help business people in charge of marketing and purchasing department make a right decision by collecting sales data from distributors who are operating POS system currently not only to compare and figure out selling trend, price distribution, other store’s well-selling items but also to study what are their price range, selling policy, and market share rate and so on. In the near future, so called, "DATA MART" that manages various kinds of detailed forecasting theories and strategies to boost sales strategy of small-sized store.

Collect POS data containing sales record of SKUs that source marked from retailers that are operating POS system currently. And, analyze related information such as market share and sales tendency, etc by Company/Category/SKU based on sales information (Period/Territory/Business Condition) of SKUs. It ultimately aims to establish efficient marketing strategy and sales increase of distribution related companies by improving Consumer- centered Service and ensure market competitiveness.
Expected Effect
Supplier Retailer
  • Confirm actual sales qty and stock qty.
  • Grab retailer’s distribution flow.
  • Ensure effective sales network.
  • Market analysis and item planning based on Data.
  • Improve marketing planning ability.
  • Effective store management.
  • Buying effectiveness.
  • Reduction of inventory cost and buying and selling processes.
  • Item assortment and effective promotion activities.
  • Use market and product information.

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