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EPC is an abbreviation of Electronic Product Catalogue.

Manufacturers and retailers used to exchange item and customer master data by fax or in writing.
Now, EPC helps both party share and manage each other’s latest data such as item master data (product info, trade info, delivery info), trade party (party info, configuration info, trade relation info) data by adopting electronic DB system. And, this electronic catalogue brings out each party’s mutual connection and compatibility globally with maximized business efficiency and global Data Attribute System(GDAS).


  • Have better competitiveness with much more accurate information.
  • Maximize Business efficiency by distributing new items promptly between parties.
  • Provide standardized item information about enterprise-related info service.
  • Create more effective circumstances between Retailer and Manufacturer.
  • Organize unique Infrastructure to establish SCM, EC between parties.
  • Establish standardized Central Repository which is mainly on item and customer information.

    Expected Advantages

  • Reduce work handling and extra indirect cost by making repetitive work easier.
  • Enhance workforce effectiveness.
  • Boost customer satisfaction by providing better service between two trade parties.
  • Enlarge collecting scope of item information onto global by adopting completely standardized process.
  • Make your position firm as a market leading company by strengthening adaptation ability against the Rapid-changing distribution environment.
  • Make the best use of managing work for the future manual order work and sales/inventory management.
  • Establish effective business circumstances by creating ECR/SCM strategies and better usages.
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